Q: Do you provide meals?
A: We do not provide meals, however we do provide 2 snacks each day (morning and afternoon).

Parents must send lunch packed from home (with an ice pack as refrigerator space is limited). We do have microwaves to help make packing lunch a little easier!

Q: What do I need to send from home?
A: For children one year and older: lunch packed from home with an ice pack, a water bottle labeled with their name, at least one full change of clothes including socks (more if potty training), nap items (top and bottom cover), weather appropriate clothing for outdoor play and diapers/wipes if not potty trained.

For children in our infant room: bottles, formula or breast milk, baby food (if needed), diapers/wipes, a mini crib sheet, pacifier (if needed) and at least two changes of clothes.

Q: What are your pick up and drop off times?
A: Parents are welcome to drop off and pick up at anytime. We do ask that during nap time, pick up and drop off be avoided. We appreciate when parents inform us of schedule changes from normal routine.

Q: What denomination are you associated with?
A: We do not identify with a certain domination. We teach basic Bible lessons (God made you, God loves you, God hears your prayer, Jesus is the Son of God, etc). We have a weekly Bible story that we share with age appropriate activities. We pray before meals and start our preschool day with prayer.

Our faith is part of our day to day. Our staff will participate in Bible Studies together, go to church, we pray for and with each other and the kids. We all come from different denominations but we have the same heart of loving Jesus and sharing God’s love with the kids, their families and each other.

Q: Does my child have to be potty trained to attend preschool?
A: We would prefer that all children are potty trained by the time they begin our K3 program. We understand that some children need a little extra time, help and our staff are happy to guide parents and children through this milestone. Our K2 program is specifically designed for older 2’s and 3 year olds who are potty training.