Eukarya King’s Cubs Christian Daycare is designed to provide a safe, nurturing, Christian environment for children. The philosophy of the center is that the well-rounded child develops through a variety of stimuli. Each child will be encouraged to participate in teacher and self-initiated activities conductive to positive, overall development.

Our Mission includes:

  • To provide a safe, nurturing environment where children feel accepted and loved.
  • To provide an early childhood education curriculum that is stimulating and enjoyable for the child, and gives them a strong base for the future.
  • To help each child develop a positive self-image and relationship skills by setting a Christian example of love and respect coupled with an introduction to God’s Holy Word
  • To provide an environment where parents and staff work together to achieve the best possible care and education for the child.
  • To provide an opportunity for childcare providers to put their valuable skills to work, and to be recognized for their talents, dedication and the impact they have on each child’s life.
  • To provide a safe environment for parents to learn Biblical parenting values & put them to use.


Please call (540) 667-7529, or e-mail us at amytomblin.ekc@gmail.com to schedule a visit or for more information.