Our pre-school program runs during the morning hours of the day for our children 2–5 years old. We begin each day with morning Jamboree where all classrooms gather for music, games, the pledge and prayer. Teachers develop lesson plans to introduce children in the core classical education skills so vital to academic and personal success. A variety of daily experiences helps children develop early reading, math, correspondence skills, and helps them develop an appreciation and understanding of literature, art, music, nature and Bible. We are also committed to helping children develop core Christian values, and a loving, communicative relationship with God.

Foundations are the building blocks upon which education is built. During the grammar phase of a child’s life, the basic facts are important foundations to our classical education. Eukarya King’s Cubs preschool program is designed to give children ages 2–5 a classical foundation that will prepare them for our academy.

In our preschool, children will participate in the following foundational activities:

Literature Rich Curriculum – Many reading genres will be explored and discussed.
Pre-Reading Skills – Alphabet identification, phonemic awareness, and beginning phonics.
Pre-Writing skills – Fine motor skill activities using multiple tactile and sensory experiences.
Pre-Math Skills – Using a manipulative-based developmental sequence, children will build foundational math concepts.
Nature Study – Scientific observation skills through time in the outdoors in our outdoor play areas.
Arts, Music, and Crafts – Aimed at developing a love for fine arts.
Chapel – Daily chapel activities relate to a weekly chapel theme that give children an understand of faith and christian values.

While King’s Cubs daycare experience would be very beneficial to a child preparing for education in any setting, it provides the perfect gateway and preparedness to beginning a formal education in a classical setting, such as Eukarya Christian Academy.

Please call (540) 667-7529, or e-mail us at to enroll.